Bandes takes up Popeska and ACES with this stunning remix

artworks-000184052967-2ivlq4-t500x500With a slew of Popeska remix hitting the decks, Bandes manages to stand out with stellar redo on Take You Up On That featuring ACES. Based out of LA, Alex Bandes is new on the block but the producer has already demonstrated an overall style focused on groove and ambience rather than energetic explosion. I think its exciting that people are moving away from the generic future bass sound and finding themselves.

The song starts you off immediately by diving into the vocal line as ACES sets the vibe with her exquisite lungs. Alex complements her by bringing in a happy summer vibe that’s closely reminiscent of Porter’s style twisted into his own sound. We’re quite impressed by young Bandes and will be on the lookout for more!

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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