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I’ve heard a ton of remixes to this song. We’ve posted a lot of those remixes. It boils down to »

Quickly following up the release of their Hype Machine #1 ‘Don’t Worry’ and official remix of Bastille’s ‘Good Grief’- Autograf »

Moving Castle’s quintessential summer jam of 2016, “bb (four missed texts)” by singer, songwriter and producer Kid Froopy has been »

So a few weeks ago I went all in-depth when analyizing Gill Chang remixing Ember Island’s cover of Radioheads, “Creep”. »

Crywolf has been busy since his last album release. Amazing new live tour, visuals, a couple of new cover tunes, »

Tom Aspaul is a name you should get familiar with. You are already familiar with his work even if you »

Mondays are brutal and so lets start with some brutal beats. Stylust Beats creatively combines dubstep and trap sounds on »