Take a chance with Flush and Ava Gold

artworks-000185510159-60dr12-t500x500Tipsy Records has been quite an impressive outlet for music as of late. Their latest release with Flush and Ava Gold absolutely reminds me of the disco and 90s music era. You won’t really be Taking Chances with this track because this is quite clearly gold. Its quite clear Flush was influenced by this era due to his recent remixes of Whitney Houston and Ice Cube.

Taking Chances is an upbeat track with a happy go lucky groove and killer vocals. Funky rhythm guitar and a fat bassline keep the track fresh along with a few sax licks to complete the atmosphere. Sneak this into your 80s and 90s hits playlist and nobody will know any better.

We’ll keep this a secret between the both of us.

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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