Music Videos With Dillon Francis, Lido, and Kan Wakan

Music VideosWho doesn’t love some visuals with there audio? So we’ve round up three good ones that have come out lately. First up is Dillon Francis with Will Heard’s song “Anywhere”. Which is basically everywhere right now. I’m sure Dillon has some great video in store for us later but for now we have the official lyric video. Next we have another peek at Lido’s new upcoming album with “Murder” besides “Crazy” this is the first look at the journey that Lido has in store for us. Last up is Kan Wakan. I covered this song when it first came out and it’s one my favorite of this year. Now we have an additional element to this very rich song.


Dillon Francis:


Kan Wakan:

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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