Lose your mind with Mat Zo


If you haven’t already jumped on board the Mat Zo train boy do I have just the ticket for you. His MAD EP dropped this morning and it’s jam packed with all sorts of energetic and creative goodness. There’s something for everyone here really. Fans Thriftworks and of the very early and more experimental Herobust (think Facebook Lift days) will find something to fall in love with in Troglodite with it’s music box like opener and digitized call and response synth madness. Take it Back & the title track MAD blend seamlessly the new and old with classic 90s jungle breaks melded with trap and juke and we even get a guest appearance from the Foreign Beggars to top it off. So much creativity with so many familiar elements is for sure Mat Zo’s strength, and def make him a stand-out. Enjoy!


Posted By: THiNK

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