Hallelujah We Have A Luna Shadows Video

lunashadows It’s no secret we love Luna Shadows over here in Waxhole land. I’ve even personally pre-ordered the vinyl release of her EP. So of course we can’t get enough, and thankfully we don’t have to. With the release of a video for her top song off the EP, “Hallelujah California” we now have some matching visuals for such a great song.

“My father used to say that “Hallelujah” (Wainwright/Buckley rendition) was the saddest song ever written, mostly because it’s darkness was disguised in a major key; conversely, the sole uplifting praise word “Hallelujah” was paired with the most melancholy of melodies. Playing on this juxtaposition, “Hallelujah California” is my eye-roll love letter to Los Angeles.” – Luna Shadows

Luna Shadows:
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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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