Discovering Roger Wilco


Nashville’s Roger Wilco is a name you’ll want to get on your radar stat. He was by far the stand out find for me this week, and I’ve been absolutely blown away by what he’s churning out. The word ‘vibes’ really gets tossed around pretty freely these days but it is exactly what his tracks ooze. Vibes, story, drama and a very tangible visual environment of sound are what you’ll find in his tunes. I’m pretty sure I repeated ‘Runner’ (out now on Rauthentic) enough times in the last 2 days to seriously skew his analytics for the month, it really is about as close to perfect as you can get. I’m adding in ‘They Buried Us’ and “Summertime Sadness’ as well so you can get a good idea where he’s coming from. Enjoy!



Posted By: THiNK

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