Aero Chord returns with the 90s

aero-chord-the-90s-smallI’ve been following Aero Chord for the past two years ever since he introduced me to Hybrid Trap and the whole Trap genre. I will always remember the first time I heard Warrior of the Night and it blew my mind. Keep in mind that all I listened to back then was EDM. The veteran producer returns on the his favorite label Monstercat to bring back The 90s in proper style.

I would have been surprised if Monstercat did not pick up this track. The track has all the ingredients for a banging Monstercat release. Heavy EDM influence, dark melodic synths and an emotionally explosive drop. The synthwork is pleasantly reminiscent of old school Trance with an updated Future Bass touch. Aero Chord shows us we really don’t need a time machine to travel back to a different era.

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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