Tangled up in beautiful Noisia

82820fc85ab3c0e9abc92213e6ba119f9a75e47acce8758931c837b85236668b_facebookThe music webs were buzzin with the leak of NOISIA’s new album Outer Edges, but I’d chosen to side-line and wait for them to drop it au naturale.

In that waiting I also completely missed them dropping it on their soundcloud last week and got all giddy face when I saw it pop up in my feed this evening. I wanted to present my favorite song from the album so far “The Entagled”.

Dark, lush, and cutting, The Entangled encompasses so many different sides of Noisia’s flavor that I love so much. I can’t wait to really explore this album more and I’m sure I will do a big ol write-up soon, but for now.. enjoy this insanely good track!

Posted By: DNGR

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