St. Wolf (The Patron Saint of Tears)

artworks-000177160371-bvwizy-t500x500I have known Justin (Crywolf) for a lot of years now. He is an incredibly kind, giving, and driven individual. Which makes it even more frustrating that he is INSANELY talented (and taller than me..).

Visiting his LA studio last year, I saw the level of excruciating detail he pours into ever second of every song he works on. You can hear it in his progression through the years. The talent was always there.. the direction he chose has been ever present.. but the songs have just become so crystal clear. Like all of the clutter and the decisions and choices were swept from the table and all that is left is exactly what Crywolf was supposed to sound like.

This brings us to Justin’s newest cover of PVRIS’s “St. Patrick”. Dark, moody, and brooding, some terms you may have come to expect with this brand.. but this has something new to me. Like a light at the end of a dark tunnel, Crywolf has added something uplifting and a bit playful to this cover. Maybe it’s the splashy drum work, the sharper snare, or the groovy triplets in the chorus, but this one has had me hitting the repeat button for days.

After a recent release of his first music video, an insanely successful cover of Flume, and launching a national tour with some absolutely insane lighting/visuals, this dude is on the warpath.

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