Lets Dive Into This New Sean Turk Remix

salvatore2 Salvatore Ganacci’s new track “Dive” is a chill trap hit already. You’ve heard it and it’s getting some major support, but here we have Sean Turk being tapped for an official remix duties. We’ve seen plenty of action from Sean Turk in the past five months since this project has launched. However being tapped this early by the majors is huge. His five remixes since March have seen several million plays collectively so it’s no wonder that he’s getting his major label debut on this remix. As you can see we’re not the only ones keeping an eye on Sean Turk and you should too.

“It’s an amazing feeling to release with a major that has done legendary things for music. To have this happen after only five months…just surreal.” -Sean Turk

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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