Left/Right Gets Us With His Lies

leftrightLiesOhh Left/Right. You with your sub-rumbling original tracks and your dope guest remixes of said tracks. Left/Right gets me every single damned time. If you threw him a tuba, castanets and a vuvuzela he’d make a dope track out of it. He’s a professional in the truest sense of the word whether out DJing, or in his studio producing his own tunes and remixes. I’ve spent many nights listening to his sets whether opening for a big name or holding down the headliner spot himself. He’s equally comfortable, and adept in either scenario, and so when you hear a track of his, like the below original with JACQ, well imagine listening to it in a club with the floor vibrating and pulsing anf the lights dancing overhead and you get an even more real experience.

So check the new tune out (and support by throwing a few coppers his way HERE), and for an added treat, have at a recently released free download remix of Autolaser and PLS&TY’s tune “Hiding from The Sun”.

Oh yeah and give the dude a tasty follow. You’ll get introduced and a grip of other free downloads and mixes.
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