Getting Experimental With Kastle And Marcioz


Getting experimental this afternoon. I took the safety rails off the old searches and dove down in the parts of the musical internet where they are not afraid to try something different. I found some familiar names and some not so familiar names. Let’s start with the familiar and that’s Kastle. The hard hitting house DJ has more than one side to his producing talent. I’ve heard some dope garage, deep lovestep, and some great chill out tunes from Kastle and now I can add this wonky experimental hip-hop track to that list as well.
Now the unfamiliar we got Marcoiz. This track “Emotional Depth (The Lack Thereof)” is a great showing of the capabilities that Marcoiz has, a little rock, some trippy elements, some electronic elements, it all makes for a great track that stretches outside the norm.

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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