Damn Son Goes Ham With Gaszia, Equator Club, and Aztek

Those dudes at Damn Son just released a compilation and holy wow are there good tunes everywhere. This thing has tracks of everything from deep dark grimy booty shakers to melodic syrup that’ll make you wanna twirl around with reckless abandon. I’ve highlighted three tunes from the compilation that is only out on Soundcloud until next week when it hits Bandcamp and other outlets. You have a tune from looong time Waxhole homey Gaszia of X&G, Aztek, and Equator Club, all three of which have featured many many times on here before. But don’t sleep on those artists I hadn’t heard of, of which csysyk, Ukko, and Dense City & Glatterbox are my favorites of that particular bunch.

So get some free downloads, get to know these artists and throw Damn Son some love!

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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