Wooli & Charlie Zane Make Contact with the Music World

artworks-000171436889-82vmkg-t500x500Every so often I get in the mood for some new face melting dubstep and I was glad to satisfy my craving with this new tune from Wooli and Charlie Zane. Sporting an eye catching mammoth logo, Wooli is a newcomer to the scene that just began releasing tunes about a month ago and has found some recent success with nods from NEST HQ. Charlie Zane‘s heavy bass production has been circling the Soundcloud sphere for a little under a year but already has had success on Dubstep and Type 91.

Contact is an excellent blend of pleasant melodic buildups completed by rhythmic dubstep synths to provide a dynamic track that crosses from one end of the spectrum to another. The dynamics of a track or not only determined by the mix and master but also from the writing and flow of the track. I urge you to add this track into your sets if you’re hunting for an energizing track!

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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