Woke with Whiplash

artworks-000170211436-itwbjs-t500x500Leave it to soupandreas to pull me out of a post lull straight to fumbling with the login screen.

One of my ABSOLUTE favorite X&G tracks is Whiplash ft. Josh pan. It’s insane. It’s dark and sexy but just grungy as hell and yeah.. it’s like that.

So seeing my boy soupandreas taking it on got me excited but also a little nervous. The original really stands out to me and the same goes for soupandreas.. Well.. needless to say the remix put any worry to bed. Then put a pillow over it’s face for that long sleep. This remix is dylon (five times) hot fire. Loud, tuned in, and wholly unique.

2 gold stars guys.

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Posted By: DNGR

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