Sevnth gives PLVTINUM more time

artworks-000169754098-yas887-t500x500After recently featuring Sevnth on our very own Wax Sessions, the talented producer has been killing it on a string of excellent releases and this remix is no different. The original track “While We Have The Time” written and produced by PLVTINUM and Sam Carter is a catchy modern pop tune with an EDM flavor. Sevnth has taken the track and morphed it into a groovy RnB tune perfect for a night club.

Listening to the original track, one must admire the vision that Mateus had in his head since the remix is very different to the original tune. Pitching down the vocals gave the track a deeper and more mature vibe. It seems like all he had to do was drop some RnB synths on it and go to town on the beat in style.

Impressive as always!

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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