See If You Can’t Fall For Patrick Reza

artworks-000170380902-peibdu-t500x500PatrickReza‘s release train left the station a month ago and shows no signs of stopping. Dropping another dreamy heartfelt future bass track, it seems the bass wiz is setting aside his tumultuous sound design for a lighter and more pleasant sound in Let U Fall. This is the side of PatrickReza we don’t see often. Is it coincidence that Aubren Elaine sings “I’m different?”?

I think I’ve been in a jazzy lounge type of mood lately. The intro really paints a picture of lounge area with rich upper class people sipping wine and expensive scotch. It might just be the type of reverb he uses on the piano, vocals and synths or it may just be my imagination taking its course. Either way, music that stimulates my imagination is always good music in my book.

Fall for this track! I dare you.

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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