Razz and Zack Martino have us walking on a dream

artworks-000169606981-5cta0v-t500x500Kicking off the summer with the best tracks is an essential part of the season. If you’re anything like me (I hope you are), I usually remember my summers by my favorite tunes. This remix of Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun has made its way into my playlist and it is definitely here to stay. Zack Martino and Razz team up to make summer house anthem ready for the beach or a poppin Vegas pool party.

The producers intelligently emphasize the vocals in the track to bring in the summery mood and have the listener singing along to the track. I was hooked on the song even before the buildup started and the drop was a beautiful explosion of happiness. Zack‘s usual progressive and electro style seems to blend very well with Razz‘s melodical talents.

Be on the lookout for more tracks from these producers!

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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