Rauthentic’s release is Ohhh so YAA!

artworks-000170004726-98gapt-t500x500Ever heard the saying “Too many cooks spoil the soup?” I’ve always believed this to be true but this track is proof that art really has no bounds. The list on this massive collaboration is impressive with the likes of Creepa, Mo Vibez, wntr, inimicvs and Three Dog displaying their chops on YAA. The soup really did come out great this time.

YAA is a heavy hip hop influenced sound that I’ve noticed fast emerging and being pushed by labels such as Rauthentic. The emphasis is usually always on a groovy beat with some interesting sound design filling the background. The writing style is simplistic and steady which is reminiscent of classic hip hop tracks. Gonna have to put this in my old school Dre playlist.

Try a bowl of beats from these guys!

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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