KAPTAN Is Making This Hit By The Numbers

ii_155dacedb5a0ec83 KAPTAN has a new track out on his page and it’s a great melodic tune called “Numbers”. This latest tune is a shining example of the powerful emotional indie pop that KAPTAN is capable of. While the track is available July 15th via South by Sea Music you can check out the stream and what KAPTAN has to say about the track now.

“I was sitting inside my bass player’s (Brandon Day) studio and he was showing me a ton of different tracks that he had been working on for fun. Normally when we write together we always start from scratch but he ended up playing a small clip of something he had started and I fell in love immediately. We sat down to write the song and knew that we wanted to do something different from everything else that we had worked on together. The song is really just about feeling like your trapped in limbo and wondering whether or not there are things from the past that can help you in the future. We often find ourselves in relationships that are starting to fall apart and until it finally ends its hard to know where you stand or what will happen.” – KAPTAN

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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