Fransis Derelle with the Banging Conclusion

XIIISo Fransis Derelle has been keeping us on our toes with his steady staged release of his EP, Confessions. We’ve already posted two of the three tracks from the EP (Here and Here). These earlier released tunes have coupled vocals and some good poppy feel good melodies behind.

But now this track, is different. It’s dark, its grimy and its right up my alley. The tune doesn’t feel like it goes with the EP, but that may be just because you’re not aware of that Fransis style. He’s always throwing you curveballs and not letting you get comfortable with one style or play. He’s always keeping me guessing and that’s what I love about his music.

So for you, check the tune, get down, get dark, and definitely get to know this artist.

Fransis Derelle:
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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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