DUX and Stan Getting Down

DUXOk so, I’m always up for some trapped out, banging beats, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the more mellow jazzy feels. This one, right here, brings back some Chet Faker type vibes, but the smootheness is just so so good. Featuring vocals by Stan Carrizosa, this vibey piece has got me hitting repeat over and over again. I first got to know DUX with his last tune, Diana, and it really got me with that 90’s throwback and the deep driving beat. This tune shows he’s much more than one style or feel and as deep as Diana was, this one is its opposite. If Diana got you on the dance floor with your eyes closed biting your lip, this tune has you on the dance floor finding the closest person you can dance with.

While Stan and DUX have worked together before, this tune shows how well they work together and hopefully there are more tunes to come from the two.


Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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