Chris Malinchak Pleases Me Greatly

artworks-000172783182-f01xqh-t500x500Chris Malinchak returns with a funky disco hit that pleases me as much as the title says it should. Please You is simplistic funky disco track that reminds me of the golden sampling days when DAWs were not readily available to the masses and most producers/musicians used Roland samplers and drum sequencers for recording. Bonus points for not completely squashing the dynamics of track as well!

Please You‘s steady rhythm is perfect for the morning walk to work when you just need that extra pep to get you started. The smooth vocals that have a very vinyl tinge to them produce such a classic vibe to this track that it’ll have you digging into your old crates for more.

Stellar job again from Chris!

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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