ARMNHMR & Devault make it rain on the music stratosphere

artworks-000173891647-sjiqo0-t500x500ARMNHMR and Devault sync up to produce a massive future bass banger exploding with emotion and energy. The two maestros spearheading the future bass scene released Rain on Friday to a thirsty audience that showed their eagerness and support for the acts working together. It seems that these guys can do no wrong.

The brooding melodic intro gives way to melodic vocal chops and chants that build the energy into a powerful drop signature to ARMNHMR and Devault. It is quite difficult to dissect the two styles since they blend so well together. However, you can make out the little fills from ARMNHMR and the massive saw wave work from Devault.

Get ready for the flood because its gonna be Raining all day!

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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