Popeska delivers with another original

artworks-000169478998-rjtlw7-t500x500I wrote up Popeska’s return to the spotlight a couple weeks ago with “Doing Me Wrong”, a heartfelt and lush re-introduction.

Proving that he really is back and ready to dive in, we get another fantastic original today called “Don’t Walk Away”.

Popeska has outstanding production that is crisp and fills out my speakers beautifully. Unlike his last release though, Don’t Walk Away dials back and gives you a great mellow out tune. Still hitting you with a heap of bass, great drum work, and a much more trap feel, this one has me lounging back and enjoying it while I kick around the studio.

Seriously can’t be more excited to see what else is in store for the return of Popeska. Snag the FREE DOWNLOAD here.

Posted By: DNGR

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