PatrickReza transforms Clear into a monster

artworks-000168843052-pgx0hi-t500x500Pusher‘s massive track Clear has received the attention it deserves and is now followed by a compilation of remixes by some big names. I was very interested to listen to everyone’s take on the track and was blown away by how unique each one was. Admittedly, PatrickReza‘s remix stood out because it was a completely fresh take on Pusher‘s light and playful tune. As a musician, I understand how difficult it is to completely twist the vibe of a song and turn it into something else.

In classic PatrickReza style, he morphs Clear into a face melter of a track that you won’t ever see coming until the drop hits you. I completely expected the buildup to end in a more melodic type drop but was pleasantly surprised by the heavy synthwork along with that beautiful snare. I am definitely a little hazy after headbanging so hard to this track!

Check it out!

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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