New Track From FOOL Is No Joke

fool--showdown-monstercat If the 80’s had a baby with the love child between Sly & The Family Stone and some French inspired electro house, you would get the new track from F.O.O.L. Supplying a ton of funk with their newest and very appropriately titled “Showdown”, they provide the hype song you’ve been looking for. I recently listened to this right before having to do a task, and -not to toot my own horn- but I slayed it, much in part to this tune. F.O.O.L. put some serious stank on this track and it’s very clear why they’re no novice to Monstercat. If you’re a sucker for Funk like me, the breakdown in the middle of this tune will have you in pieces – in the best way possible.



Posted By: CMoney

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