Let’s Talk About DJ Snake

DJsnake_talk Unlike most of our music posts I want to get into a bit of industry talk here. By now you have heard DJ Snake’s new track “Talk”, but what I want to discuss is the moves behind the DJ Snake brand. Love him or hate him he is one of the more successful artists in dance music today. Before his international solo debut DJ Snake earned his popularity with production for other artists such as Lady Gaga.

It was his 2013 single with Lil John, “Turn Down For What” that really kicked off his string of success. His last five singles have all hit platinum (some double or more) certified by the RIAA since that success. One of them started off as a remix but was so much more popular than the original they rebranded it as DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge “You Know You Like It”. This was great branding as it was a slingshot for both AlunaGeorge and DJ Snake. The new version was way catchier and current then the original release on the 2013 AlunaGeorge album Body Music (btw this happens in the industry all the time).

It’s of this kind of success that the DJ Snake team are chasing with the latest song, DJ Snake “Talk” featuring George Maple. The original version of George Maple’s “Talk Talk” was released in 2014 on Future Classic from her EP Vacant Space. This updated version is much sunnier and features a heavy tropical vibe. Which is more similar to Snake’s track “Middle” featuring Bipolar Sunshine, and a departure from the harder trap stylings of “Get Low” or even his last track “Propaganda” which is still climbing in numbers on it’s way to being the 6th platinum track for DJ Snake. So will the branding gamble work for DJ Snake and George Maple to make a 7th platinum track? My money is on yes.

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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