Imad Royal and a song that is good 4 u

artworks-vq7Xz4IdEa7W-0-t500x500Man I love me some Imad Royal. Whether he is banging out party remixes as SoySauce or laying it down with a catchy pop hit, his talent is undeniable.

Imad’s new original “Badd 4 U” is playful, upbeat, and will probably get stuck in your head on the first listen. More importantly though, with his capability in the realm of electronic/trap style production, he is beautifully bridging a style I know with a style I wouldn’t normally seek out. In doing so, he is really developing a brand that can bridge the gap from soundcloud superstar to real commercial potential.

This one will be a song for the summer so give it a go and purchase it on iTunes.

Posted By: DNGR

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