Fytch & Paradym walk the Lonely Roads

artworks-000168818256-zc3xje-t500x500I am absolutely digging the path that Heroic Recordings are taking of late. Fytch returns to the label with Paradym to blindside us with a very unique track appropriately titled Lonely Roads. It is a lonely road one walks when you confidently take your creativity in a different direction.

I was immediately hooked by the chanting in the intro and am a big fan of simplicity. I believe that the best tunes are usually some of the most simple. An artist does not really need to add much to a great tune for it to blossom but nurture and identify what makes the tune great and amplify them. Fytch and Paradym have both done that with Lonely Roads by invoking a brooding melodic mood over a steady moving beat that has you picturing yourself walking down a dark road without a person in sight.

Loving this tune.

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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