Anevo and Ameria resuscitate our Electric Heart

Anevo - Electric Heart (feat. Ameria) (art)Let me introduce you to Anevo, an electronic music producer hailing from Sweden pushing the limits of EDM. Getting the nod from Monstercat with his remix of Hellberg’s The Girl, he is back with an original track with Ameria that tugs at your heart and causes your limbs to dance uncontrollably.

Ameria herself is no stranger to the music scene and has already released multiple tracks with great success in Hungary.

Representing a more melodic and chill side of EDM, Electric Heart combines all my favorite melodical elements together. Plucky guitar leads, brooding melodic piano chords, bouncy deep house bass and buttery vocals from Ameria. Definitely an instant favorite that will have me mashing the replay button!

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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