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It’s been indie kind of day. So stepping away from the dank hip-hop style beats we’re going to feature some »

Well Seeking Blue Records, a MrSuicideSheep imprint, is got the picking the hits down. Their latest release, PatrickReza’s “Who R »

If you’ve been following the blog over the past year you know it’s no secret that we love Elohim, we »

The second track from LUEM and I’m starting to get hooked in. She’s back with “Pull Me Under” a track »

If you are ready to kick off your shoes and climb into a bath of sexy time, we have just »

Spirix and Not Your Dope teamed up for a fun summer trap remix of The Chainsmokers, “Inside Out”. I found »

We have a big hubbub bub. This comes in the form of Marshmello being the newest act to join the »

Evidently this is my catch up day. Digging through the past couple of weeks of all the awesome things I »

The Heroic camp has been on fire lately, one of their top producers WRLD has a new remix out. This »

Virtu, almost escaped my view on this remix and it would have been my bad for missing out. His latest »

Prince Fox in my book is a king of sound. Seriously if you go through his catalogue you can keep »

SummitScape has a new song out that is covering Gnash’s track “Rumors” featuring Mark Johns on vocals. In the SummitScape »

Sometimes art imitates life imitates art, and sometimes it just skips and art goes straight to imitating art. In this »

Completely contrary to what I posted earlier this new Ark Patrol track will set you into a completely chill mode. »

A little Trap and some Drum and Bass is what this day is calling for. Luckily we have the answer »

After an impressive debut release Sean Turk is lined up to increase the hit this turn. This official remix of »