The EDWYNN x TIKAL x Spirix Remix Is So Good

Brandon-Skeie-So-Bad-EDWYNNxTIKALxSpirix-Remix So I had never heard the original to this remix so of course I looked it up. The OG is a pop ballad, not something I would have expected to inspire this kind of remix. What EDWYNN x TIKAL x Spirix decided to do was take the original, speed it up a bit and focus in on the drop. The beginning of the drop has a lot of the pop flavor left in but when it drops the euphoric and grandiose nature of this remix takes over. Riding the line between huge synths and piano breakdowns this is a track to check out.

Spirix: Soundcloud

EDWYNN x TIKAL: Soundcloud

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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