Element Likes To Play Mind Games

Element has a fun new track out with a great though process behind it. Instead of trying to describe it I will just refer you to what he wrote on his Soundcloud

“While writing the track, “Mind Games,” I wanted to embody the experience of over-analyzing a moment. We all do it. We create of every type of scenario imaginable. The harp lead, coupled with the vocals, is introduced at the beginning of the song to depict our initial reaction when unraveling a situation. The lyrics, “Every little symbol…every little sign,” represent the flurry of succeeding thoughts we imbibe when delving deeper into said circumstance. The vocal is later re-introduced in muffled form, where the emotion remains but the language cannot be understood. As humans, we may not always find clarity in our experiences, but will be able to express our instinctual feelings. I hope to bring that message to life in this song.” – Element


Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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