Buygore and Terravita Bring On The Humpday

humpday3 Terravita is a OG group that has managed to keep up with the currents of change in electronic music. Now they have done it again. This time teaming up with Buygore and bringing us sounds influenced by trap, old school hip hop and hardcore metal. This hardcore party sound also heavily features their MC. Check out what the group had to say.

“On the Fallen EP, we tried to do something different than the usual, and shake up our sound a bit. Three of the tracks are very hybrid; mixing dubstep and trap, with Jon’s rap in two cases and with reggae vibes in the third case. Also, the two dubstep tracks on The Fallen, both have melodic breakdowns and female vocals, which is something that we never really done in the past. We also tried to make interesting sounding synths instead of using the same old sounds. We tried to make these tracks all bang in the club, but make them songs that you can also listen to on their own.”
– Terravita


Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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