Beach Party With Viceroy, Bash To The Rescue, and Robokid

Ok so it’s been raining non-stop for a few days here in Texas. So I need warmth, sun, sand, and a fruity drink. I need a summer beach party. Follow along now as I let this fantasy keep me from the depths of depression from washing me away, or is that just the Texas flood?

First we would have something really tropical, I mean take me away to margaritaville while I drink Mai Tai’s and and play in the waves. To accomplish this I’m going to turn to Viceroy and his next level summer escapism track, “Next Escape” featuring Patrick Baker. Now that I’m working my tan and the sun is going down it doesn’t mean the beach party stops. Oh no, we turn to a sexy moombah vibe with Bash To The Rescue. Their flip of “Bring Back The Summer” will work perfectly for a sunset groove. Now that the last rays of sun has set but the party, and Mai Tai’s show now signs of stopping we turn energy slightly higher and slightly darker to match. How do you do that but still keep the feel good vibes? We turn to Robokid, who always delivers what we need in any situation.

Dreams are almost a reality as Viceroy is making his way on a “Next Escape Tour”. While my summer sun is right around the corner in Texas Viceroy is taking his tropical sounds a bit further north. Details can be found here.


Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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