Stephen Is Sincerely Good

stephenOk so I might have missed this guy when he first hit the scene and that’s all on me. The man, who simply goes by Stephen has burst onto the scene with a few tunes that have captured the imagination of a lot of folks out there and today he’s dropped a new tune to do it all over again.

Based out of California, the man whose dulcet tones bely the edgy production behind the vocals that threaten to bring you into the void like a siren song, dropped a new tune today, simply titled ‘Sincerely’. Starting out real chill and mellow, you’d be hugely mistaken if you thought it’d be slow and low the whole way through. One of those tunes that’s a serious slow burn, you are brought into a real tempestuous vortex by the time the refrain hits. Oh and if you thought this was just a dude singing into a mic, with a mixer, and laptop, well you don’t know Stephen. One who plays guitar and who incorporates that into his tunes masterfully, you get a good sense of it on this tune. It’s sure to please and to be a hit out there in the wild.

Timing is good as well, since the dude is out on tour as we speak and with a three piece set up (live keys, drums, with Stephen on vocals and guitar) you have a great change of pace from the usual fare to enjoy. Check out those dates HERE and go catch him if you can. There aren’t many shows left and it definitely won’t be long before he’s selling out your local venues on the regular.

Oh and you want more Stephen? Well besides following him on his Soundcloud and Official Site, check out ome of his older tunes, ‘Crossfire’, and ‘Fly Down’. Not old tunes in the least, and they are wonderful companions to the new one dropped today.

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