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Emerald is the latest release by dance duo Veorra. The duo comprised of the male producer and female vocalist has »

To say we’ve been following Louis Futon from the beginnings, as well as ODESZA, would be a bit of a »

Heroic just dropped 8 amazing remixes of Ark Patrol’s “Primo” album spanning the width of genres and and artists. There »

One of the main things this blog featured more of when I joined way back in the day was glitch. »

Over the past few months we’ve received several tastes from the mysterious Mouthe. I’d love to eloquently describe what exactly »

It’s been a hot minute, but the French duo Virgin Minds is back.  They take their time between releases, but »

You might remember Left/Right from some activity from earlier last year and he’s been busy ever since. We are, of »

That crazy talented funky bass groove dude from down under has done it again with this ode to the 80’s »

Heavy Mellow is doin it, folks. He’s steady popping out those good good tunes and if you don’t watch out »

Just caught onto this cat out of France, and while I’ve never been accused of being a fan of house, »

Vienna based duo Palastic have fun and light sound. The latest remix of Filous “Shaded In” is no exception to »

Illenium was an artist that always impressed me with his melodic prowess. Sticking to his guns while other producers swayed »

It’s a new year and everyone is putting out their best foot, including MitiS. With all that he has crafted »

So even though Delusion was supposedly just working on originals this year we get treated to this SG Lewis remix »

Allow us to introduce Vincent. Who, if you don’t know who he is, has performed alongside the likes of GTA »

Randomly came across this one and I’m glad I did. A little track that Elephante started in a hotel room »