opiuoThat crazy talented funky bass groove dude from down under has done it again with this ode to the 80’s breakdance culture, or maybe it’s Daft Punk? Whatever it is, I dig it and have been groovin to it non-stop since it dropped yesterday.

If you haven’t been introduced to OPIUO, well don’t fret because he has a back catalogue that will take you days to delve through. And happy delving will be had as you do because that back catalogue ain’t just size. No, it’s got quality in spades and your face won’t be the same after.

So check the dude out on his Soundcloud or Official Site to get oh so much more, and if you can’t make it past the first track, well I for one, wouldn’t blame you.

Oh and you want more OPIUO to dance to? Well here’s some older tunes he did with the New Zealand duo Shapeshifter (Official Site, Facebook) to keep the party in your pants going.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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