Mouthe has landed

Mouthe - Trouble CoverOver the past few months we’ve received several tastes from the mysterious Mouthe.

I’d love to eloquently describe what exactly Mouthe is.. but honestly I just can’t. What I will say is that they (him? it?) are raw, dark, and just really fucking awesome.

Eluding to a what I assume will be a bigger release in the not too distant future, Mouthe has dropped “Trouble” on us and it’s a ride.

With a sound that brilliantly mixes pop, hip hop, and maybe a little alien abduction, Mouthe is setting out on a path that is unapologetically original and really exciting.

What REALLY caught our eye was this first release came with a VIDEO GAME! Yeah.. Mouthe made a game for their song. That’s insanely cool.

I have high hopes for this project, so tune in, play the game, and enjoy Mouthe!


Posted By: DNGR

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