Merci Fcking Beaucoup, Indeed!

MfBJust caught onto this cat out of France, and while I’ve never been accused of being a fan of house, I’m really digging this brand of it from Merci Fcking Beaucoup, which is a great name. The name itself is crazy enough to give it a shot, but the fact that the music coming out of this Frenchman is dope, well the name becomes an afterthought.

Two tunes below are different vibes, but both so damned good. The first and most recent tune is a nice subtle house tune that employs guitar, piano and just a good and simple use of samples. The simplicty, though, is what I really dig and makes the tune work.

The second tune is a remix and MfB weaves his remix around the sultry vocals from Amille, and the rap solo from Adam Tensta. It’s a slow emotive burn that switches up from the tune above a bit, but if you aren’t bobbing your head, tapping your toes, or just vibing out by the end of it, well then I can’t help you.

So enjoy the two tracks, check out the rest of his back catalogue on his Soundcloud, and head on over to his KissKissBankBank page to throw some support behind his album (of which the first tune is on). He’s so close to meeting his goal and you can push him over the edge and oh yeah score a dope album in the process.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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