Louis Futon is Part of The Family

FutonFamilyTo say we’ve been following Louis Futon from the beginnings, as well as ODESZA, would be a bit of a misnomer, but we have been following both artists’ trajectories for awhile now. And to see the two link up in this way is a flat out treat. The Foreign Family Collective started out as an outlet for the great dudes of ODESZA to bring tunes from artists they like to their fanbase. Curating tracks and artists from as varying a collection as Monsoonsiren and Jai Wolf, to Big Wild and Greyhat, there’s a diversity in sound that fans of ODESZA will hear in their own sound.

This tune from Philly duo Louis Futon and featuring the wonderful voice of Rozes is a great chilled out sexy tune that highlights Futon’s style and vibe, while also showing that the production chops are there as they’ve always been. Louis Futon is now a bigger name, and the fact that they’re hooked into each others’ networks could mean possible collaborations, remixes, tours, or something altogether different. As a fan of both artists, this excites me greatly.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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