Heavy Mellow With That Sexy Time

HeavyMellowHeavy Mellow is doin it, folks. He’s steady popping out those good good tunes and if you don’t watch out he’s gonna go and blow up one day and you’re going to look back and say, Waxhole told me to get onto this guy. Well, we won’t shove it in your face but seriously get to knowing Heavy Mellow because he’s steady making moves and putting out dope sexy time music as he goes. These two songs below? Well one’s a remix, and one’s a quick tune he made for his girl on Valentine’s Day and it’s kinda voyeuristic listening to it, but I won’t think too hard on that because they’re the homies and that’d just weird me out. But if you want to let your imagination run free, then by all means. What you should do, though, is jam it out in your own boudoir and make your own memories.

But regardless, Heavy Mellow (Official Site, Soundcloud) is one of those producers who does as much behind doors as he does outside. Plus he’s the rare triple threat. Dope producer, dope guitarist, and can add them smoky smooth vocals to boot.

So check out the two tracks below which are still so fresh they have that fresh Ableton smell on em. Oh and follow Heavy Mellow while you’re at it. You’ll have your sexy time mixtape fodder for days.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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