Glitchy, Goopy, & Glorious Sounds From Bwoy de Bhajan, Urple Eeple, and DRRTYWULVZ

One of the main things this blog featured more of when I joined way back in the day was glitch. That has always been one of my favorite genres of music, whether from the popular Glitch Mob, to the real goopy stuff like what the homies at Gravitas, Street Ritual, and Seclusias throw down on the regular. So it’s no surprise that a few recent tunes from artists with Waxhole ties have all done tunes with their respective projects across the map.

First tune, from Bwoy de Bhajan (Soundcloud, Facebook) is a remix. And it’s exciting because the Bwoy has been quiet as of late, due to life commitments and the like. School is no joke! But he’s back with his wonderful vibe, and sound design to make this original tune so so much better, which is saying something because the original is dope as well.

Then there’s the main man, DRRTYWULVZ (Soundcloud, Facebook) who has thrown a great track onto the Street Ritual compilation celebrating 100 releases(!) of the label out of the Bay area. The tune itself is a throbbing rolling romp through the goopy soundscapes that only DRRTYWULVZ can devise out of that wonderfully dredded head of his.

Last but definitely not least we have Urple Eeple (Official Site, Soundcloud) whose premier track from his upcoming album is that great bassy goodness you know from Urple and is a staple of his tunes. The added vocal samples make this one a more textured and deeper tune than maybe you’d think to hear from this type of tune. But that’s the main thing to know about Urple Eeple…He’s not only an adept producer, but he’s also a cerebral one who doesn’t let the business as usual rule his work. He’s definitely a joy to listen to and to know, and this upcoming album is going to be more of the same goodness. I, for one, cannot wait to hear more.

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