CLOUDCHORD breaks out

12439522_10153509278998337_6463370432635139298_nWaxhole is an Austin based blog. Granted we post about electronic music from every corner of the planet, but we love supporting our own. With that being said, sometimes that can be hard because.. well.. even though Austin is the self proclaimed “Music Capital of the World”, there just isn’t that much established electronic music pouring out of this town.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is talent here for sure. And we’re always seeking it out because we stupid love this city and the culture it breeds. So when we came across one of our own who is really spreading his wings and building up something with not only a lot of buzz, but with the right elements to make a great project pop, we got more than excited.

Meet CLOUDCHORD, a new project from Derek VanScoten that is beautifully blending insanely addictive and beautifully executed electronic with guitar (not an easy feat).

His newest track, a remix of Jaime XX’s Loud Places is lush, emotional and will have you doing awkward dance moves in your living while your dog stares at you with more judgement than you’d like..

Best part is it’s up for FREE DOWNLOAD, so get after it!!!

As a bonus, check out his remix for Of Monsters and Men from last month that hit #1 on Hypem!

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