Much Soul

artworks-000141989625-w2jkng-t500x500We just got this super sultry vocally driven tune sent our way along with some detailed information about it. As a rare convenience I will let the info and song speak for themselves.

About the artist:  “liminl is a producer and dj based out of Los Angeles, CA. His project is a reaction to the manufactured state of the LA music industry. Confined by inherited music industry structures, his music explores and pushes against the walls of these constraints. With a draw towards organic vocals and emotional themes, liminl offers more than just catchy melodies. He deals in mirrors and portraits, aimed at reflecting back a true image of reality. While dancing to his melodies and soul-shaking bass, you may find yourself reflecting on life, relationships, and the darker side of human consciousness. There is both beauty and tragedy to be found in reality.”

About this track: “For ‘Reach,’ liminl teamed up with Los Angeles vocalist, Rozzi Crane, who has been stirring up a lot of buzz lately. This soulful singer has been making waves in the L.A. music scene after releasing her Time EP and joining Owl City on tour in October of 2015. The two come together to showcase an eloquent fusion of soul piercing vocals backed by limini’s emotive bass-heavy production. If you’re seeking for a track with massive replay value, ‘Reach’ is a perfect place to start.”


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