Mickey Valen & Lucian make magic

artworks-000144819741-esf1i2-t500x500Bottom line, this track is good. Actually it’s outstanding. Dope enough to get my incredibly hungover ass off the couch and to the computer to write about it.

I have been all about Lucian ever since stumbling across his remix of Black Coast’s TRNDSTTR. Fastforward to a Hypem #1 and a fucking INSANE 16 million soundcloud plays later for that track alone, he has continued to drop beautifully cinematic and powerful remixes and originals that have solidified his spot on our blog.

Mickey Valen is another powerhouse, dropping an original last month (Your Anything) with Lara Maxen that soared the charts.

Having these two team up was a great idea, and the product, Hero (feat. Oktavian) is sexy, smooth, and well rounded. These two weave a really solid track under Oktavians crystal clear vocals making this one really infectious.

Best part, it is up for FREE DOWNLOAD!.. OK I need coffee.

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