Illenium’s Afterlife Is Just Fine

It’s not too often that an artist, especially in the electronic scene, can create such a strong sense of togetherness & community by weaving together landscapes of melody and sound. It’s not too often that an artist can grow and expand beyond bounds of genre, style, and stigma all whilst maintaining a fluid sense of self & steady growth. The humble and talented Nicholas Miller has managed to attain all of this and so much more – including several headlining shows, many viral remixes, and soon to be debut full length album. Nicholas, better known as Illenium, is just in the first stages of what will certainly be the
rest of his life in music, and is showing absolutely no signs of stopping.

Teaming up his newly found label Kasaya with MrSuicideSheep’s Seeking Blue – the two are set to releases his debut album ‘Ashes’ on February 15th both digitally and on double 12” 180gram limited vinyl. No words can quite sum up the eclectic experience that is ‘Ashes’ as it lends itself equally to both emotional influenced Pop and Electronic structures; it weaves in and out of reflective and uplifting. However, one word that could be used to describe this succinct work of art– although rather cliché – would have to be ‘Classic’.

As the album is launched into the public – the first single will allow audiences to be eased into the journey that will become ‘Ashes’. Starting with the single ‘Afterlife’ featuring Portland duo ECHOS – Illenium has crafted a melodic & haunting piece that grows into an open and picturesque sonic landscape. With a strong sense of emotional depth and uplifting bass-lines, ‘Afterlife’ is the perfect album taster for the new, and returning listener.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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