Herobust Is Allowed To Get Loud


Herobust just put out a magnificent EP via Mad Decent.This 8¬≠track EP is a bass music crunkfest. With some of the dirtiest drops, hooks, and beats Herobust really released the grime. Amist the booty grinding, and turnt up anthems though is a song I’d like to point out titled, “Weigh Home”. This has to be my favorite of the EP with not just powerful swag and beats, but a great melodics to accompany it as well. So go out and grab the whole EP it from your favorite streaming or download service.

“I called this record Im Aloud because, in creating it, I had to realize that I was allowed to break the rules. I just decided to forget what everybody else was doing and find my own wave. The resulting body of work is honest, original and generally weird as hell. Im very proud of the EP and I hope it inspires other artists to get weird in their very own ways as well. Be allowed. Be aloud.” ¬≠ Herobust

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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